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Terrell Hall

Hi Nolan,
I too am unable to download the practice files. When do you expect to have them available for use with the book? I was also wondering if you plan any updates to the book to encompass the changes now that Pages has reached version 1.3? Thank you.

Best regards,


Charles & Terrell,

Sorry for the garbled links. I've redone the links (and tested all three), so you can download the example files.

My apologies for the delay. And THANKS for buying/using my book,


Nancy McNally


I am a new IPad user and am just getting started in Pages. I have your Pages for iPad book and want to let you know what a great job you have done. I am a retired lady and find your instructions and visuals so easy to follow. I cannot say that for a lot of other manuals. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


Glad to hear you're finding the book useful.

And thanks for taking time to let me know that.



Hi.. I have a question, but can't find the proper place on your website to ask it. I have your Pages for iPad book, but I can't find the answer there. I am working on an iPad 2 and Pages version 1.4.
Question: I have several Pages files inside a folder on my iPad. Each file has a title, as does the folder. I would like to alpha order the Pages files inside the folder using the Pages file titles. Is this possible? If not, can I manually move the Pages files inside the folder? I am able to move the Pages files, but they don't hold their new position. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jo



The iPad's iOS doesn't show you folders the way, say, the Mac OS or Windows does.

So when you say you have "several Pages files inside a folder on my iPad," I assume you're talking about what you see under the Apps tab when you connect the iPad to your main computer using iTunes. Ditto when you say you can "manually move the Pages files inside the folder."

I realize it can be a pain when you have lots of Pages-created files, but Pages for iPad isn't set up to rearrange files/folders as you may be used from your PC.

If I'm not understanding your question, let me know. Otherwise, hope this helps,

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